Founded in 2007, The Jackson Group LLC is a privately owned investment company, managing over $400 million in commercial real estate assets throughout the United States. Our investment strategy is premised on sourcing and acquiring undervalued commercial properties in high traffic locations with strong repositioning potential. The Jackson Group's growing portfolio includes office, retail, and residential properties.

The firm oversees every facet of ownership and controls all aspects of its operations, including property management, leasing, construction, maintenance and cleaning. The depth and integrated services of these in-house teams provide a distinct advantage toward maximizing assets and tenant services. The Jackson Group has emphasized tenant satisfaction, which in turn has cultivated long-term tenant relationships and a considerable increase in occupancy rates across the portfolio. Similarly, the company's asset management capabilities have enabled it to reposition properties to current market demands and enhance cash flow to maximize investor returns. Additionally we are a full service firm, vertically integrated within all real estate related aspects from leasing, managment, as well as construction.

The Jackson Group values its relationships with the global brokerage community. To submit an opportunity for sale, please contact us.

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